A Lesson On Romans 8:28

Last week, The Princess Academy girls explored “Strength” and “Courage” using the story of Joseph as an illustration of how God uses the bitter and the sweet to transform our lives in ways we could never imagine. We explained that when baking a cake or cookies, there are only a few ingredients that we would choose to consume on their own (i.e. sugar, butter, milk). No one ever sits down to a bowl of flour or a glass of vanilla (smells lovely but tastes awful!!) but we’ll ruin our masterpiece if we leave any one of these not-so-tasty ingredients out. The girls learned that some of the most difficult and bitter things we go through are the very “ingredients” God uses to make us, not only more like Him, but more useful for His purposes. This week after taking a whiff of and then tasting the vanilla representing the bitter things in life, these eager learners assembled the ingredients for Chocolate Chip-M&M cookies in a jar…When they get home, they’ll get to mix the bitter with the sweet and make something really delicious. (So glad we had an army of volunteers to pull this off)!