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Caleb Science Club: Spring Series Kick-Off…

On Saturday, February 5, 2022, we kicked off the spring series of Caleb Science Club: Hearts, Brains, and Lungs…Oh My! We started with an awesome presentation by Dr. Kristina Aldridge who talked about the functions of the heart and brain and what happens when the blood flow to the heart and brain are hindered. The Caleb Science Club students asked thought-provoking questions and provided wise answers. The hour went by so fast, that we are going to extend our sessions for the students that can stay longer. Our medical students also volunteered to serve as mentors for our Caleb Science Club students. Next month, we will have Health Professions Respiratory and Occupational Therapists join us for the “There’s No Place Like Home” session. Health Professions is going to talk about how they get patients home after illness and injury.

Click here to watch the February 5th session.

Click here to watch the March 5th session.

Click here to watch the April 2nd session.


Caleb Science Club Students – Complete the survey if you are interested in a medical student contacting you to be your mentor.

Include your name, grade, school, what do you want to do when you grow up, and what things are you interested in now.

Medical and undergraduate students – Please plan to complete the Granny’s House volunteer training program. Also complete the survey for us to help match you with a student.

February 9, 10, 11 at 1:00 PM. If there is enough interest for people who cannot make it during those times, there may be an additional session scheduled. Contact Ellis Ingram for additional information: 573 268-3592.

Dr. Aldridge, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation and many thanks to our undergraduate and medical student volunteers, and our supporting faculty and staff.

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Fall 2021: Bones Inside & Out Series Dates

Spring 2022: Hearts, Brains, and Lungs…Oh My!

Time:  11:00 – Noon (please dial in early; we will be available to chat starting at 10:30 AM)

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WHO can attend:  Any student at least in 5th grade.  Regular participants in our program are challenged to Take Responsibility for its Leadership.
NOTE:  Because some activities are restricted due to age or numbers, advance registration may be required.
You may contact Dr. Ingram if you have questions or concerns (573-268-3592).