Who We Are

Granny’s House is a place to learn about and experience God’s love and tender mercies. Children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome. Our volunteers believe that how we interact with the children and with one another is a powerful testimony and witness of Christ’s love and power to change lives. We often do more “show” than “tell.” Granny’s House is open from 3-6 pm, Monday-Friday.

Christian volunteers from area churches and University of Missouri Christian organizations provide most of the staffing at Granny’s House. We like to say that “Granny’s House” is more about an atmosphere than a person. One of our most effective volunteers is a six-foot-tall blonde college student who is, obviously, not a “Granny!” He is among the many volunteers who have made the time to interact with public housing kids in a positive, peaceful environment. Some volunteers play games like checkers or catch or jump rope with the kids while others choose to bring homemade cookies or help serve the meal. There is a place for any volunteer who desires to share God’s loving favor with children in word or deed.

Granny’s House is a multi-church effort. We are not sponsored by, supported by or affiliated with any one church in Columbia and our volunteers come from many different area Christian churches and campus organizations. These differences in backgrounds so beautifully display the mosaic of God’s heart to the children who frequent Granny’s House.

We are a 501-C3 tax-exempt organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. Granny’s House is supported by individuals, civic groups, businesses, and churches in our community. Some donors send modest monthly contributions averaging $40, while others prefer to sponsor specific programs, activities, or groups. The founder and director of Granny’s House is Pamela Ingram.

One unexpected benefit of Granny’s House is that it has become a “bridge” between Columbia’s Christian community and the residents of public housing. The vast majority of our volunteers have never been inside public housing, nor do they know anyone who lives there. For them, Granny’s House is a bridge into a part of their community they may have never known. For the children, Granny’s House has provided a bridge onto life in the larger community outside public housing. Because of the gracious volunteers who take children to church with them every weekend, dozens of Granny’s House children now have a church home; some of the volunteers lovingly call themselves “Church Moms” for these children. For all of us who are affiliated with Granny’s House…the children, the staff, the families, the volunteers…suspicion and fear have been replaced by real relationships. The inner city takes on a face and a name. And the children get to see “Christianity: 3D!”

Our Staff